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the 2010 SBT Swimsuit Calendar, along with the "Making of ..." DVD is now available at It features Raquel Gibson, Playboy's Playmate of the Month for November 2005. Here's a sneak peak at the DVD that was recently released.

1st March 2010.
By Jeff Hemmel

WARNING: This post deals with girls in rather small bikinis. If you have a problem with that sort of thing, turn back now. Hey, I tried…

As a lot of you are probably already aware, Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue made it onto newsstands this month. Somehow over the decades SI has managed to make putting semi-naked pictures of women into a sports magazine seem almost normal. Still, each year I’m sure countless “cancel my subscription” letters still come flooding in.

Seeing the new SI on newsstands reminded me that the PWC industry has its own infamous swimsuit calendar and DVD that is hotly anticipated each new year…and got me wondering why I hadn’t heard much about it as of yet.

And believe me, just like with SI you do hear about it, both from those that love it…and those that hate it.

Turns out, the reason why I hadn’t heard much about it is because the 2010 SBT Swimsuit Calendar, along with the “Making of …” DVD, was actually a little late this year. In fact, after doing a little research I discovered that it didn’t go on sale until late January. I know, it’s a tragedy of epic proportions.

The good news for SBT’s rabid fans, who no doubt passed most of January in a depressed stupor, is that the SBT Swimsuit Calender is now available at And like past calendars, the 2010 version features a former Playboy “Playmate of the Month,” Raquel Gibson.

Here’s a sneak peak at the DVD that was recently released. Enjoy it if you’re into pictures of scantily clad women. If not, hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

If anyone’s eyes can still focus, I’ll note that there’s a certain air of familiarity about Raquel. Turns out, her sister, CJ Gibson, was the 2007 SBT girl.

“For 2010 SBT returns to a favorite family, the Gibsons,” SBT president Cj Lammers told me. “Raquel Gibson, 2006 Playmate, graces our Calendar and DVD with a slightly grungier look. On the Poster side, SBT advertises its wide array of PWC parts on all of her ‘parts.’  Visit ShopSBT to get a good look at our 2010 offering!”

I can’t say I know Raquel personally, but CJ actually hung out with us for a day at Watercraft World’s 2007 Dream Demo, and I have to say I was impressed. For the obvious reasons, yes, but also because we got CJ on a standup for the first time ever, and she took to it like a pro. Sure, a photogenic girl in a bikini is nice, but one that can actually ride a standup PWC is many guy’s dream come true. Or so I’ve been told.

Okay, what the heck, here’s a glimpse back at CJ as well. What I won’t do to boost page views…

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