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Falvey’s Long Island Fishing Book Sighting

See Kevin's book to the left.

I hit Barnes & Noble to pick up another fishing book (The Longest Silence by Tom McGuane) when I noticed a “Staycation” display featuring local books. And it was great to see friend and former colleague Kevin’s book Falvey’s Guide to Fishing Long Island on the table.

Here’s a closeup:

The book is published by fellow blogger Lenny Rudow’s Geared-Up Publications. Lenny recently did a post about it here.

I’ll echo Lenny’s sentiments, having spent time on the water with Kevin chasing sharks, stripers, and bluefish under his direction. Plus, there’s an awesome photo of a certain angler holding up a false albacore on page 98.

R.I.P. Bob Hewes

I saw the news in Soundings Trade Only yesterday that Bob Hewes had passed. Hewes is credited with building the first modern flats boat in the 1950s, born out of a bonefishing trip with legendary fly angler Lefty Kreh. In doing so he influenced an entire genre of angling, specifically how people approach skinny water light tackle sight fishing from a boat. In February, Hewes received an Industry award at the 2010 Miami Boat Show in recognition of all his contributions.

Maverick Boat Company owns Hewes Light Tackle Boats now, and they are still relevant.

The fly fishing website Midcurrent posted a good remembrance of Bob Hewes today, which also links to this article on Hewes from the Sun-Sentinel featuring recollections of Hewes from longtime outdoor writer Bob Stearns.

Here’s some public response from the Florida Sportsman forums as well as the Hull Truth.

MORE iPHONE: Free Boat Ramp Locator App

Takemefishing.org has put out a free Boat Ramps iPhone app. Notice the “free” is not capitalized. The app itself is free, rather than an app that lists where there are “free boat ramps.”

I downloaded the app and checked it out. You can search for nearby ramps based on your current location, by zip code, or by city. There’s a “marina” setting where you can look for marinas as well.

The flaw in the app, if I were in charge of future updates, is that it doesn’t tell you if the ramp in question is a public ramp, if you need a town permit, or if there is a launch fee. It just tells you it’s there.

Most of the time you have a plan where you are launching well before you hitch up the trailer, but it could be a good aid in travel planning to new locations and cities, or if there’s a better ramp in your normal boating area you just haven’t heard about.

To download it, search for “Boat Ramps” in your iTunes account.

MoGo iPhone App Lets You Report on BP Gulf Disaster

The MoGo app as it appears on my iPhone.

You can file your own “citizen scientist” reports on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster and contribute  information about what’s really happening down there. All you have to do is download the free iPhone app called “MoGo,” short for Mobile Gulf Observatory, from scientists at UMass Amherst.

If you live in or are visiting the Gulf region and see affected wildlife or habitat, or any of the oil slick or tarballs, open the App and snap a picture in the appropriate category.

According to the Mogo website:

“Once you upload your photo, the locations of oiled and injured wildlife are pin-pointed with a GPS code generated by your iPhone™. You are then immediately connected to the Wildlife Hotline to report your observations so trained responders can be deployed to rescue oiled and injured animals, and to mobilize efforts to protect and restore vital habitats for fish and wildlife.”

In case you missed the link above, search for “Mogo” in the App store or click here for more information.

Why rely on the understated reports from the BP, the company responsible for this catastrophe? If you see something with your own eyes, you can help.

(Thanks to the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust for publicizing the MoGo app.)

Get Yer Daily Sea Surface Temps

Today's coastal surface temperatures.

A fishing buddy turned me on to this a while ago. Rutgers Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences publishes daily surface temperature readouts for the entire seaboard, and more detailed ones for specific regions. Click on this link and check out your region from the list in the left column. You already know the reasons why.

Great White Shark Caught in Montauk Tournament

Photo from NOAA

An angler fishing the 24th Annual Star Island Yacht Club Shark Tournament landed a 300-pound great white. His catch is landing him in hot water. He made the mistake of keeping the shark, which is illegal, and is now under investigation by federal authorities. (Originally reported in subscription-based Newsday.)

I have a call into a participant I know to see if I can get more of the story. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Winning Blue Marlin DQ’d at Big Rock

Atlantic blue marlin from NOAA.

The board of directors for the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament have disqualified Citation’s 883-pound blue marlin, according to this press release.

Here’s the meat:

“After interviewing members of the crew of the fishing vessel Citation, review of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament rules, consulting the division of Marine Fisheries as well as the North Carolina Attorney General’s office, it is apparent that there has been a substantial violation of Tournament rules. The Board of Directors has unanimously determined that they have no choice but to disqualify the 883 pound blue marlin caught on June 14, 2010.”

The reaction to their Facebook post is mixed.

Here’s more reaction on the Sportfishermen.com forums.

I’ll post more from around the web as I get the chance.

No Fishing License? No Prize at Big Rock

The crew of Citation thought they had the $912,825 prize in the bag for their 883-lb. blue marlin at the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament out of Moorehead City, North Carolina.  But one of the boat’s crew didn’t have his fishing license, so their big catch could be out of contention.

Earlier today, the Tournament issued a statement on its Facebook page saying its Board of Directors is still investigating the issue. (Here is the link to the full release). But the Citation crew is expecting the worst, according to this article in USA Today.

All because one member of the crew forgot to get a $15 North Carolina saltwater license.

Costa Del Mar’s New Blog

The sunglass maker Costa Del Mar has started a new blog called The Watery Rave. As part of the company’s mission to protect fish habitats, the blog’s focus will be on fishing adventures and conservation stories. A quick read-through shows posts about Chris Fischer’s shark show on the  National Geographic Channel, among other things, including a good interview with Dr. Aaron Adams of the Bonefish Tarpon Trust about permit.