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Choosing the advertising package that is right for you will depend on your boat’s location, type, and condition. It will also be affected by your sales time frame and asking price. The average selling time for all boats is two to three months, though this can vary widely depending on season, asking price, and visibility. Listing Packages For Private Sellers

Here at we offer three advertising packages: Basic, Enhanced, and Premium. The Basic package includes one photo, 4000 characters of description (which is longer than this text), detailed boat specs, and ad statistics. It runs for two weeks.

The Enhanced package runs for six weeks and offers unlimited rotating photos as well as 4000 characters of description, detailed boat specs, and ad statistics. It also includes a large format ad with rotating images on the search result page that will catch a buyer’s eye.

The Premium Package includes all of the above and more. It has two valuable features: featured ad spot on search result page and Boat Exporter feature, a feed to our partner sites for more exposure. The ad runs for three months, which makes it our least expensive package per week.

To determine which package is right for you, answer the following questions:

  • Are you confident of a quick sale? Sign up for the Basic package.
  • Do you need a quick sale? Sign up for an Enhanced package and purchase the homepage featured ad add-on. That will get you the most visibility over the shortest time frame.
  • Are there several boats on the market just like yours? Sign up for the Enhanced package to gain a competitive edge over similar boats.
  • Do you own a one-off or custom design? Sign up for the Premium package, since it will probably take some time to find the right buyer.
  • Is your boat worth more than $10,000? Sign up for the Premium package. Unlimited photos and Boat Exporter feature, combined with unlimited updates over a twelve week run, will provide the most cost-effective visibility for you at our lowest price per week. And you can also update details, photos or price after you interact with potential buyers.
  • Are you willing to hold out for a better price? The Premium package will maximize your exposure to the most buyers over our longest time frame (twelve weeks).

Select Additional Features To Highlight Your Boat

Once you’ve picked your package and created your online ad, you’ll be asked to select your add-ons for a fee to maximize your impressions your boat will generate on With “Featured Ad on Homepage”, your boat ad will be featured on the homepage, guaranteeing visibility with our 463,000 page views per day from serious boat shoppers. For customers who opted for Basic or Enhanced packages, you can also add Boat Exporter for more exposure. (This feature is included in the Premium package.)

Upgrade Your Listing Anytime

If the package you’ve chosen doesn’t seem to making the phone ring, contact your Customer Service Representative to see about customizing it. They are here to help you sell your boat, so please contact the team if you need additional help in selecting the ad package that’s right for you.

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