How To Sell A Boat With An Online Classified Ad

An effective boat advertisement shows what your boat looks like AND sells the experience. Photos and descriptive text work best together, and we’ve put together some helpful hints to help you build the best possible ad.

Sell Your Boat with Quality Boat Pictures

Taking great photos is an art unto itself, and many people make a living capturing “the moment.” A great sales photo of your boat doesn’t have to be suitable for framing, but it should give a good idea of the boat’s style and condition.

At, Enhanced and Premium listings offer an unlimited number of photos, so you can show off all your boat’s best features.

Tips for Taking Boat Pictures

Picture of boat in motion

Picture of boat in motion

  • Since the goal is to show the boat and not the scene around it, take as much of a close-up shot as possible while still fitting in the entire hull.
  • Sailboats owners, don’t try to include the full height of the mast.
  • The best light for photography is a sunny early morning or late afternoon.
  • Take lots of shots, from many different angles; you can always throw out what you don’t like.
  • And make sure to document any important details you plan to list in the description.
  • If possible, shoot the boat underway, instead of just sitting still or tied to the dock.
  • If you can’t take your own photos, check to see if there are pictures of a sistership available. Dealers may have sales photos that match the model, year, and condition of your boat.
  • You can also hire a professional photographer.

No matter where you get your photos, remember: they are someone’s copyrighted material. Make sure you have permission before you use any picture you didn’t take yourself.

How to Write a Boat Ad: Details and Descriptions

Great photos need to be backed up with a winning ad description. allows 4000 characters, longer than this entire article, so there should be plenty of room to make your point. Badly written or incomplete descriptions will discourage a buyer from asking for more information about your boat, and written text always benefits from editing.

Tips For Writing Ad Details

  • List the most important features first;
  • Bullet points are a good way to convey a list of details.
  • Make sure to accentuate the positive aspects of every feature in the Description field.
  • Compose your ad offline, and if possible have someone you trust read the text before posting.
  • One last note: write your description in regular sentence text (not all capital letters), to make sure it is easy to read.

Why Is Important To Fill Out Boat Specs

In order to maximize your ad’s visibility to interested buyers, make sure you fill in as many specifications as applicable (eg. Boat Class, Boat Model, Hull Material, etc). At, once you’ve previewed your initial listing with the basic boat details, you’ll see a link to “Add More Boat Details” where you can include engine specifications and fuel capacity, as well as many more details about the boat’s size and interior. You can even add your own descriptive sections (such as “interior” or “engine”), which is the best way to highlight any customized aspects or special details. Filling in so much information may seem like a lot of work, but many boat buyers search for a specific feature and will not find your listing any other way.

Your ad can be updated at any time. Adding photos, editing text, or updating the price is easy. If several potential buyers ask the same question, consider adding the answer into your ad description.

Creating an attractive ad is one of the most important steps toward selling your boat, so take your time and do a good job. Your photos and description, combined with the great visibility you’ll get through a site such, are sure to get potential buyers contacting you for more information.

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