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Facebook or Ham Radio?
Boat Write Each has its own merits for spreading the word, and both have devotees that get a little creepy, but after exhaustive trial and error we’re going with Facebook.
The Reality of Sight Fishing
Here’s a great article, with pictures that perfectly sum up the typical flats fishing experience, by Dr. Aaron Adams. Found by stumbling through Twitter. (Shameless self-promotion: To follow me there, go to http://twitter.com/fishboatwrite.)
Storm Light Over The Harbor
The type of site that makes you glad to be on the water. Some call it “God Light,” but we did not wish to offend our agnostic readers. (If there’s lightning you’re not so glad.)
Drag Boat Crash Video
Someone captured on film an insane drag boat crash at the 2010 Augusta Southern Nationals drag boat event over the weekend.  A local news station posted the video on its website. The driver was taken to the hospital for a ...
18th Century Ship Found at WTC Site
The AP is reporting that workers at the World Trade Center site unearthed a 32-foot ship from the 1700s. Cool stuff.
Cuba Travel Restrictions Lifting?
This news report from CNN could mean a whole new world is opening up for boaters and anglers. I’ve been dying to go back since I went, legally as a journalist, to cover the 50th Anniversary of the Hemingway Open ...
We Are Not the Only Fishermen
Nothing like having your hand in the water and seeing a fin come at you and fish in the vicinity free jumping in panic. This fin belonged to a dolphin, who practically took that fish a friend was about to ...
The Redneck Fishing Tournament
On the National Geographic Channel, ways to deal with the Asian carp invasion.
The Case For John Boats
A welded-aluminum john boat may just be the perfect small-boat light tackle fishing platform. They are multi-faceted. The reasons in favor: 1. The are lightweight and hard to break. 2. At slow speeds they bounce off rocks. 3. The engine ...
Barefoot Bandit Caught After Bahamas Boat Chase
According to this article from Vanity Fair, the two-year saga of the Barefoot Bandit, aka Colton Harris-Moore, ended after a boat chase with Bahamian authorities. The Youtube video above tells the story, but not what kinds of boats he stole.


Cigarette’s Center-Console Democracy
Available with outboards or stern ...
What to Do if You Have the Wrong Propeller Pitch
If you have the wrong ...
Understanding Propeller Pitch
Having the correct propeller pitch ...
Axis A20: Wakeboarding Wonder
The Axis Wake Research A20 ...

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