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Things Found At Low Tide
Triumph Boat Commercials, Others
After watching “You and Your Johnson” from Jeff Hemmel’s post the other day, I was reminded of the Triumph Boat commercials from a few years back. Most boat commercials are pretty terrible, but the Triumph ones stood out, as did ...
Wake Surfing Good Bad and Ugly
Lazzara posted this cool video of someone wake surfing behind a 75 today. Great way to get some wave action when there are no real waves. Here’s a video background: And here’s the bad and the ugly all in one:
Storm Light Over The Harbor
The type of site that makes you glad to be on the water. Some call it “God Light,” but we did not wish to offend our agnostic readers. (If there’s lightning you’re not so glad.)
Vet Memorial Adorned With Nautical Stars
Edson Marine makes and sells these nautical stars for boats. Since we’re approaching a patriotic weekend, this seemed like a good time to post about the memorial featuring these stars in Friendswood, Texas. The Veteran’s Memorial is a stainless-steel American ...
FLIP-FLOP Bad News Continues
This report from CNN puts my footwear of choice in a bad light. But I am going to ignore all evidence to the contrary and continue to believe the flop is the perfect shoe.
Death By Flip Flop
A new study from the University of Miami shows that flip flops are bacteria factories. They can harbor up to 18,000 different  bacteria, including e coli and deadly strains of staph. This does not bode well for my summer.
Expedition Great White Premiers Sunday
The National Geographic Channel is kicking off the Expedition Great White series this Sunday at 9:00 pm eastern. Chris Fischer, who roamed the world for ESPN2’s “Offshore Adventures” show, along with Capt. Brett McBride, lead a crew on a scientific ...
VIDEO: BBC Car Boat Challenge
A little something pointless for anyone bored on a Saturday evening.
The View From A Flats Boat
…Is a view I plan to be enjoying in a few weeks as I stand on the bow stalking bonefish in South Andros. I’m going as part of FibFest. What is Fibfest? It’s a bloggers summit, of sorts, and I’m ...


Cigarette’s Center-Console Democracy
Available with outboards or stern ...
What to Do if You Have the Wrong Propeller Pitch
If you have the wrong ...
Understanding Propeller Pitch
Having the correct propeller pitch ...
Axis A20: Wakeboarding Wonder
The Axis Wake Research A20 ...

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