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Sea-Doo Teases New 2011 Model With Brakes For Under $9K
Sea-Doo releases a teaser video promising a 2011 PWC with braking technology for under $9,000.
Win A Boat, Motor, Trailer Combo
Boats.com, BoatTrader.com, Brunswick are sponsoring a video contest to show what can be done with an aluminum boat. Grand prize is a Triton Storm 16, Mercury motor, and trailer.
Triumph Boat Commercials, Others
After watching “You and Your Johnson” from Jeff Hemmel’s post the other day, I was reminded of the Triumph Boat commercials from a few years back. Most boat commercials are pretty terrible, but the Triumph ones stood out, as did ...
You And Your Johnson…Outboard
Hilarious vintage Johnson outboard commercial, which has now taken on a new meaning.
Ultimate Yachts: Video of the Molokai Strait 75′
The Molokai Strait   75 luxury bluewater expedition yacht Hercules is an examples of top-of-the-line everything. For the ocean adventurer, the Molokai Strait yachts are built with steel hulls and aluminum topsides, lots of displacement and fuel. I first saw the ...
Drag Boat Crash Video
Someone captured on film an insane drag boat crash at the 2010 Augusta Southern Nationals drag boat event over the weekend.  A local news station posted the video on its website. The driver was taken to the hospital for a ...
Video Look At PWC World Championship
Video offers comprehensive, inside look at the IJSBA personal watercraft world championships in Lake Havasu, Arizona.
The Redneck Fishing Tournament
On the National Geographic Channel, ways to deal with the Asian carp invasion.
PWC Plunges Off Wave, Barely Misses Surfer
PWC, or Jet Ski, falls off lip of monster wave, narrowly missing the surfer below.
Flashback: Jeff “The Jammer” Jacobs, Legendary PWC Racer
Jeff Jacobs was one of the most dominant racers in PWC racing history. Includes video highlights...


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