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1992 Carlini Modern classic cutter

EUR 220,000 (Listed price: US$239,052)


Carlini Sciarrelli sailing
Carlini Sciarrelli moored
Carlini Sciarrelli aft decka and platform
Carlini Sciarrelli helmsman's station
Carlini Sciarrelli cockpit
Carlini Sciarrelli port side-way
Carlini Sciarrelli stbd. side-way
Carlini Sciarrelli fwd. deck
Carlini Sciarrelli windlass
Carlini Sciarrelli deck
Carlini Sciarrelli stbd. dinette
Carlini Sciarrelli port dinette
Carlini Sciarrelli companion-way
Carlini Sciarrelli aft cabin
Carlini Sciarrelli nav station
Carlini Sciarrelli galley
Carlini Sciarrelli head compartment
Carlini Sciarrelli fwd port cabin
Carlini Sciarrelli stbd. fwd cabin
Carlini Sciarrelli skipper's cabin
Carlini Sciarrelli fwd head compartment
Carlini Sciarrelli engine room
Carlini Sciarrelli hull lines
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Modern classic cutter


Carlo Sciarrelli was considered in Italy as the real classic boats guru. His vast science and his historic knowledge, which gave way to very interesting books, put him in the middle of the classic sail Italian renaissance and hence to the full Mediterranean field. He was founder member of the Italian Classic boats owner association (A.I.V.E.), and created the rating that was the basis for the present C.I.M. (Comité International de la Méditerranée – the major authority for classic boats) regulations. His designs were characterised by an elegant shape and a refined research of the balance between high performances (many Sciarrelli's boats won international races until the Nineties of the last Century) and the comfort in bad weather. Pamadica belongs precisally to this line, as she participated to many international races, obtaining important victories. Her lines seems inspired by the Germán Frers Admiral Cuppers of the Seventies, with many up-grades. Her quite modest displacement makes her easy to handle by a reduced crew and her very simple, but powerful, rig enhances this quality. Pamadica has been in the same ownership since her launch. His owner cares for her with all the attentions and love that she deserves. He has participated with success to some STA meetings. She is a jewel that comes to the market at a very attractive price. You can contact us in Spanish, English, French or Italian.

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Hull Material Wood    
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c. Escar 6-8, Edificio

Fax:  +34 932 216 777

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