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Edey & Duff Ltd. Fatty Knees

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Boat Details
Beam 4 ft 6 inMax Draft 3 ft 7 in 
Draft Board/Drive Up 2 ftDry Weight 140 lb 
Hull Material FiberglassHull Shape Monohull 
Engine OutboardFuel Gas 
Horsepower (total) 2.00 hpLength Overall 9 ft LOA 

Detailed Specs
Designer Lyle Hess    
Keel Attributes #1      
Keel Type DaggerboardDraft Board/Drive Up 2 ft 
Mast Height 16 ft 1 inNumber of Engines 1 


For those who yearn for a classic, solidly built dinghy that performs well, the Fatty Knees is truly a distinctive little yacht. Designed by Lyle Hess, famous for his Bristol Channel Cutter and the Pardey's cruisers, the Fatty Knees is a chunky little boat with plenty of room, exceptional stability, and appealing, graceful lines. Like all Edey & Duff boats, the Fatty Knees is built one boat at a time, ensuring the finest craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the best materials in every boat. Starting with fiberglass lapstrake construction, the Fatty Knees is one of the strongest dinghies on the water. The hand-laid lapstrake hull was chosen not just for aesthetics, but because it offers considerable strength and stiffness and is relatively lightweight. Her wide beam adds stability and a gentle sheer minimizes its chubby look. The inner rail is teak and the outer rail is pressure-treated pine for easy maintenance and durability. The gunkhole guard is long-lasting Dacron over rubber, and the teak rudder and daggerboard are hand made. The seats are floatation-filled, fiberglass inserts which, along with the daggerboard trunk, are glassed to the hull and watertight. With two rowing stations, the seating arrangement opens up space in the midsection. Her prow bow, high freeboard forward, and deep skeg make the Fatty Knees a dry boat that's a joy to row. Her wide beam adds to her stability and carrying capacity. Even when loaded down, her easy motion through the water makes you feel like you're rowing a much longer boat. The notch in the transom lets you scull in a crowded anchorage. Whether under sail or as a tender under tow, the boat - with a 7-inch-deep skeg - tracks exceptionally well. Moreover, the Fatty Knees is easy to sail. She's lively enough in light air, tacking and jibing smoothly with virtually no leeway, and she's very safe even in rough weather since her generous beam makes her less likely to flip. Her rigging is simple, and with the standard kick-up rudder she can sail right up to the shore. Every Fatty Knees comes with the mast step, mast partner, daggerboard trunk, and gudgeons installed for easy conversion to sail. The Fatty Knees is also produced as an 8-footer (with 4' 3" - 1.3 m beam, 128 lb. - 58 kg displacement, and 14' 8" - 4.47 m mast) and as a 7-footer (with 4' - 1.22 m beam, 115 lb. - 52 kg displacement, and 14' 4" - 4.37 m mast).

Equipment List

Fatty Knees Specifications - Standard Equipment Hull - The lapstrake hull and the seats are laid-up with machine-applied, hand-rolled fiberglass - Additional mat is installed in the stern, stern quarters, skeg, keel, and the daggerboard housing - These areas are immediately covered by hand with 10 oz. fiberglass cloth to maximize the bonded strength - Within 24 hours, the foam-filled seats are joined to the hull with mat and cloth tape Gunwhale - The double gunwhale is through-riveted and joined to the bow and rear quarter teak knees to provide excellent stiffness in the perimeter of this fine little yacht - The gunwhale is then covered with a three-quarter, Dacron-over-rubber gunwhale guard Mast - The two-piece aluminum mast splines together for easy assembly without tools - No stays are required Boom - The aluminum boom is equipped with an outhaul for the clew of the sail Reefing - Basic slab with one set of reef points - Lower the sail, tie in the tack and clew, and one nettle Running Rigging - Harken hardware with Dacron sheets and traveler - All fines are spliced by the rigger Daggerboard Plug - The teak plug, on all boats, is used when rowing or towing - A rubber gasket eliminates water splashing up the well Rudder - Teak, kick-up rudder with stainless hardware - Rudder blade is fully tapered, and the varnished, ash tiller is standard Sail - White Dacron with fiberglass battens and slides - Heart logo Towing - The Fatty Knees tows on the first wave approx. 12' off transom, and with the daggerboard plug inserted no water will come on board - Towing eye is an eye strap with ring, all 3-16" stock, bolted with two bolts, washers, and stop nuts to the reinforced bow section Stability - Full bow and rear quarters, as well as flat midsection, provide greater stability and make Fatty Knees a real workboat for such dirty jobs as cleaning topsides Skeg - A deep skeg, protected with integral 8" x 1 1-2" wear strip, allows easy rowing and extra directional stability when sailing or towing Finish - The Fatty Knees is finished inside and out with gelcoat - Exterior is off-white - Interior is a combination of off-white and beige Floorboards - Optional teak, attached to Fatty Knees with thumb clips - There is access for drain and bilge pump - Floorboards keep the deck drier when the boat is under sail, and when hauling gear and groceries Gear Bags - Optional space for spars and oars in long bag; rudder, tiller, and daggerboard in short bag, Sunbrella fabric with Velcro closures and brass grommets on all sides for attachment to lifelines or cabintop Fatty Knees Optional Equipment Sailing Package (all models) - Includes white sail with fiberglass battens and sailbag, two-piece aluminum mast and boom, Dacron running rigging, Harken blocks, slab reefing, stainless steel and plastic hardware, teak daggerboard, kick-up teak rudder with varnished, ash tiller - Tanbark sail - 7' Oars with leathers - Lifting eyes and drain - Outboard pad - Gear bags - Teak floorboards