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Although outboard engines and PWCs may come to mind first when one hears the name Yamaha, this company also has a boat-building division that’s dedicated to one thing: building jet-powered runabouts. In fact, Yamaha is the best-selling brand of jet-boat in the country. A dozen boats up to 24’ make up the Yamaha line, with a mix of runabout and watersports-oriented models. At the 2013 Miami International Boat Show Yamaha won an NMMA Innovation Award for the development of their Thrust Directional Enhancement feature, which improves control at slow speeds; used boat buyers should be aware that in some older jet boat models wandering at slow speeds was regularly an issue, which this new feature addresses. And although these are jet boats, Yamaha encourages boaters to compare them against prop-driven runabouts. Reduced draft and the elimination of propeller dangers are the most obvious advantages, but in many cases, the Yamaha jet boats are also less expensive than comparable propeller-drive runabouts.

Yamaha Waverunner FZR

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Boat Description

Three things put the FZR ahead of all other performance personal watercraft – a powerful Super Vortex High Output engine, an ultra-lightweight NanoXcel® hull and the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. Yamaha’s 1.8L supercharged, SVHO™ Yamaha Marine engine delivers more power and torque than any Yamaha engine before. Upgraded performance components include a larger intercooler and supercharger to increase airflow. Boost pressure is increased 60%. A top loader intake grate and 160mm, 8-vein pump provide greater thrust and instantaneous water displacement for the highest level of race-ready performance you can get right out of the box.

  • Available in Black Metallic

Boat Details
Beam 4 ftDry Weight 827 lb
Max Seating Capacity 2Hull Material Other
Hull Shape OtherFuel Capacity 18 gal
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FZR Features

Since its debut, the Yamaha FZ series completely transformed personal watercraft racing, ushering in a new era of super high-performance matched with lightweight components. In its first year in production, Yamaha FZs won National and World Championships and that success has continued every year since.

Yamaha extends its lead in the high-performance arena with the Super Vortex High Output marine engine; the most powerful engine ever in a Yamaha WaveRunner® that delivers race-ready performance right out of the box.

The SVHO marine engine increases power and torque by 20 percent compared to the Yamaha SHO® engine. To do that, Yamaha:

  • Increased cooling efficiency by 25 percent with a new high-performance intercooler,
  • Increased the supercharger air intake by 20 percent with a larger diameter supercharger impeller and increased supercharger boost by 60 percent.
  • Increased oil cooling efficiency by 110 percent with an all new oil cooling system.
  • In addition, the SVHO features an advanced fuel injection system to increase fuel flow and added high-performance forged pistons to deliver peak power and reliability.

Under the waterline, the FZ models now come with a larger 160mm eight-vane pump that delivers competition level thrust never seen before on a production watercraft from Yamaha. Complementing this high-performance, high-volume pump is a matching high-performance intake grate that maximizes the pump’s potential while delivering unrivaled hookup in all water conditions. Additional enhancements to the hull include new high-performance sponsons that provide exact handling.

The FZ Series hull and deck is made of NanoXcel®, the Yamaha-only, nano-tech engineered material that shaves more than 70 pounds off the total weight of the unit while adding to the overall strength. By eliminating the unwanted fat that slows down competing models, Yamaha delivers an amazing power to weight ratio that offers “modified-like” performance and handling in a stock boat. The aftermarket potential for furthering unlocking the capabilities of this package is endless.

And of course, the FZ models look every bit the high-performance watercraft they are with a bolder look topped off with new seat textures, stylized Hydro-Turf mats, and deep rally car inspired gauges. The profile and overall design of the FZs scream one thing and that is performance.