Power boats and Powerboating

Powerboating presents the ultimate in instant getaways. Hop on your powerboat, turn the key and push the throttle, and you're effortlessly transported across the world of water. You can explore it in a pleasure boat, play on it with a waterskiing and wakeboarding boat, rocket across it in a high-performance boat, pamper yourself on it in a yacht or splash your way to fun and excitement on a personal watercraft or jet boat. Whatever your pleasure, there is a powerboat and powerboating activity waiting for you.

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Pleasure Boating

Pleasure boating is recreational, weekend powerboating, usually for a single day but not excluding overnight stays. Common pleasure boating activities include cruising, touring, towing for recreational watersports such as tubing and basic waterskiing, and casual fishing. Pleasure boat styles include runabouts with small cabins or open-bow areas, deck boats and small cruisers.


The ultimate in powerboating, yachting involves offshore or inland cruising, often for extended trips, entertaining and even living aboard large vessels with multiple cabins and deluxe accommodations. Motoryachts such as convertibles and sedan bridges also are used often for bluewater offshore fishing.

High Performance

High-performance boating involves boats most often capable of running 60 mph or more. Activities include high-speed offshore cruising, rallies and offshore racing. Found on inland and offshore waterways, high-performance boats include V-bottoms, stepped V-bottoms and catamarans.


Riding on a pair of aluminum or steel pontoons, pontoon boats present the ultimate in leisurely powerboating. Pontoons boats can be powered by outboard or stern-drive engines, and generally offer plenty of open deck space with generous seating. Onboard amenities can include full galleys and entertainment centers, tables, enclosed head compartments and more.