Watersports & Sport Boats

Refreshing and athletic, watersports are what happen behind the boat. Watersports are enjoyed by young and old, casual and competitive, and they include waterskiing, wakeboarding and inflatables. Also included under the watersports umbrella is personal watercraft riding.

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Personal Watercraft

Ridden like motorbikes, personal watercraft are small jet-propelled craft used for cruising, touring, recreational riding and recreational watersports (such as towing or racing). Depending on the model, they can handle up to four riders.

Skiing/Wakeboarding Boats

Skiing and wakeboarding boats are made to tow a water-skier on one or two skis or a rider on a wakeboard. Dedicated ski boats generally create low, flat wakes, which are ideal for skiing, and dedicated wakeboard boats create large, steep wakes, which are ideal for boarding. Ski and wakeboard boats are generally offered with direct-drive or V-drive engines.

Inflatables Boats

Inflatable boats are designed for uses including recreational boating, tender/dinghy for transport to and from moored power cruisers and motoryachts, towing various watersports activities, fishing and more. Another variety in the inflatable class, Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) blend rigid hulls, usually fiberglass, with inflatable perimeters. Superior RIBs usually can be disassembled for easy transportation and storage.