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About us

In partnership with the boating industry, is building and maintaining the marine Internet marketplace. enables boat users, manufacturers and resellers - including yacht brokers, boat dealers, marinas, boatyards, and other marine service businesses - to participate in a thriving online community and state-of-the-art e-commerce channel. By enhancing the consumer's boating experience and helping to increase the industry's effectiveness, has opened up new commercial opportunities for the industry and is helping to grow the sport of boating.

The management team is made up of boating and Web/Internet business veterans, whose depth and breadth of experience has enabled it to build strong, strategic partnerships.

Formed in 1991, Trader Publishing Company is the nation's leading publisher of specialty classified advertising publications, including over 750 paid and free magazines such as Auto Trader, For Rent, Harmon Homes and The Employment Guide. Dedicated to satisfying consumer demand for efficient targeted advertising, these magazines are complemented by Trader's over 40 market leading Internet sites (,, and, each designed to serve a specific category like the automotive, specialty vehicle, apartment rental, homes for sale, employment and lodging segments. It also provides website hosting services for over 12,000 real estate agents, car dealers, and other specialty vehicle businesses. With over 335,000 outlets, it boasts the largest paid and free distribution publication network across the U.S.; and it operates 11 regional printing plants. Trader's over 10,000 employees serve its customers through offices in most major cities in 47 states. Privacy Policy Security Center Contact Us Terms of Use
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