With whom is partnering?
You can view the different groups that have partnered with on the Partnerships page in the About Us section of the site.

What are the benefits of being a partner?
With a boat owner database of more than 12 million households, can provide its partners with a large base of potential customers as well as some interesting marketing opportunities, including logos, links to home pages and company descriptions (of 25 words or less) among others.

For more information, please email us at


What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of boats and engines that has signed up as a member of works with affiliates to educate their dealers on the benefits of signing up with

Who are the affiliates?
You can view all the affiliates that have signed up with on the Affiliates page in the About Us section of the site.

What is the difference between affiliates and partnerships?
Affiliates of typically are original equipment manufacturers and their dealers, whereas our partners represent a wide variety of businesses and organizations. We invite you to learn more about the different businesses and organizations that have joined forces with us by visiting the Partnerships and Affiliates pages in the About Us section. To see this information, go to the About Us page.

What are the benefits of being an affiliate?
By becoming a registered affiliate and joining the affiliate membership program, you help increase your sales and strengthen your relationship with your dealers.

Additionally, as a registered affiliate, you support the NMMA's Grow Boating efforts to increase awareness and enjoyment of boating. Continued flat growth and low retention rates make it the perfect time to come together to bring boating to more people. The Internet, and the ability to present extensive, timely and quality information about boating enjoyment to large numbers of people, is the revolutionary new medium for achieving our goal and fueling enthusiasm and loyalty around your brands. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to ensure a level playing field among all manufacturers, small or large.

How do I become an affiliate?
If you would like more information on how to become an affiliate member, please email us at

National Marine Manufacturing Association

What is the NMMA?
The National Marine Manufacturing Association (NMMA) is the largest association representing marine manufacturers in the United States.

Over the past several months, the NMMA Internet Task Force examined a number of marine Internet businesses to determine how they could best serve the NMMA members and help grow the boating industry. According to Thom Dammrich, president of NMMA, " exceeded all of our criteria for evaluation - industry knowledge, sound plans, a sustainable business model - and, most importantly, they shared with us a common vision of partnership with our members and their distribution channels." supports the guidelines and principles of partnership defined by the NMMA.

What is the significance of the partnership between and the NMMA? is proud to be the exclusive online, demand-side partner of the NMMA, linking marine manufacturers, dealers, service providers and consumers. With this partnership, is building toward its goal of becoming the pre-eminent online marine hub for content, community and commerce exchange.

How do I become a member of National Marine Manufacturing Association?
In order to become a member of the NMMA, you must be a marine manufacturer. Please contact the NMMA directly at

How do I know which NMMA members have signed up with To see the entire list of all affiliated manufacturers and brands, please go to About Us and click on Affiliates.

Can any NMMA member become a member on the site?
Yes. We are committed to extending the benefits of to all NMMA members.

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