Of all the engines I looked at while at the Miami Boat Show, Yamaha really stood out front this year. They've introduced not one, not two but thirteen new outboards for the 2010 model year and I must say they have really done some amazing things with this new product line. Yamaha has managed to hit all the hot buttons with this new line of engines. Better acceleration, dramatically better fuel economy and lighter weight are all engineered into these new engines.

By tweaking every aspect of these engines engineers have been able to increase fuel economy by anywhere from 12-17%. Weight savings have been achieved that bring these engines in at significantly lighter weights than even some of the 2-stroke competitors, we're talking numbers like 75-80 lbs. lighter. That's significant!

Besides these breakthroughs, they've increased charging system outputs, which historically has been a bit of a gripe with Yamaha outboards on their larger engine offerings and they've really done a lot to enhance corrosion protection levels on these same engines.  

So, this year my vote for "most improved" in the outboard engine area goes to Yamaha.