Now that the boating season is over for many of us, it might be time to sell your boat. If so, here are a few tips to help you get top dollar.


Making your boat shine inside and out will help you close the deal when it's time to sell.

1. Spruce up the hull

First impressions matter, and nobody wants to look at someone else's dirt. Make sure the exterior looks as good as it can for the next owner. And if you need tips on how to do that, watch our video:

How to Sell Your Boat for the Highest Price

2. Clear out the junk

Interiors will look bigger with less stuff in them, so make sure you empty the boat of all that gear. (You should take it all off the boat for the winter, anyway.)

3. Spruce Up the Inside, too

Real estate agents suggest baking cookies to entice buyers; while that may not be possible on your boat, you can still make sure she is shint and clean inside and out. As Chris Caswell says, "If your  potential buyer sees a sparkling boat, it's already half sold." (Read Sell Your Boat For More)

3. Prep Your Paperwork

Maintenance records will show that you took care of your baby, so make sure you can pull them out for the buyer. Lenny Rudow recommends: "Have them ready for inspection in a file or folder, ordered by date."

4. Use a great photo

Photos sell boats. Make sure you use one in your ad that shows off your baby's best side—and hopefully includes some of the fun you've had. Read 7 Tips for Taking Great Boat Photos

5. Include Accessories

You never know what will appeal to a buyer, so make sure you include everything that comes with the boat. (As Peter d'Anjou points out on BoatTrader, Accessories Count.)

6. Have Answers Ready

You may not remember how old your boat is or how long you've been the owner, but a new buyer will want to know. Make sure you're prepared to answer some basic questions.

There's lots more info available on our seller's guide in How to Prepare Your Boat For Sale. And that's also the best place to figure out How To Price Your Boat For Sale.

(And if you're really desperate to reclaim that piece of yard, read How To Get Rid of an Old Boat.)

Got a selling tip? Share it with us!