A lineup of the Nordic Tugs Models at Wilde Yacht Sales in Essex, CT

A lineup of the Nordic Tugs Models at Wilde Yacht Sales in Essex, CT

If you live anywhere in the Northeast U.S. and have wanted to get a good look at a Nordic Tug, you’ve got several great opportunities. I’ve tested a 37 in the past and loved it. It’s a great coastal cruiser that will take care of you if the seas come up. It’s being succeeded by a new NT-39, which you can read about here. Several of the models make good Great Loop boats and I would happily live aboard a 42. 

Anyway, here’s what you can look forward to this summer.  First off is a special “Tug Fest” at Wilde Yacht Sales in Essex, Connecticut, this coming weekend, June 19-20. Wilde will have all Nordic Tugs models currently in production, except for the 49, including the recently re-born NT-26. I noticed in their used boat inventory that they’ve got several nice boats, including a flybridge 37 and a flybridge 42.  Some of the old purists don’t like the flybridge on the Nordic Tugs, but I love it. I think it looks like a salty old captain’s cap. By the way, this year is the 30th anniversary of Nordic Tugs.

If you miss the Tug Fest at Wilde this coming weekend, you can see some of the boats at the upcoming TrawlerFest July 15-17, at the Greenwich Bay Marina in Warwick, Rhode Island. Incidentally, if you go to TrawlerFest, make sure you drive over to Oakland Beach and pick up some authentic Rhode Island clam cakes (fritters). They are unlike anything you will ever eat (hint — they actually have clams in them!).

From July 28 to July 31, Wilde will help host the Northeast Nordic Tug Owners’ Association’s 9th Annual Rendezvous and Cruise. NENTOA is an active group with some great cruising blogs linked on its website, along with good information about some owner modifications to their Nordic Tugs.  After the rendezvous, the NENTOA group will begin two cruises — a two-week venture from Essex to Boston, and a three-week cruise to Maine. The cruises have been a huge success in recent years and all those Nordic Tugs cruising together makes for quite a sight.

I’ll update OceanLines readers on other Nordic Tugs events around the country in future posts here. If you know of some, or if you’re with some of the other NTOAs, let us know!

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