Obviously, the owner of the boat inĀ Funniest Boat Names didn't worry about enraging Neptune, or anyone else. He apparently changed the name of his boat every time he updated his relationship.

boat name change

Boat names are personal. But how do you change one without incurring bad luck?

But what if you're more superstitious? There is, of course, a lot of information available on how to change a boat's name without incurring the wrath of Neptune or anyone else. Here's my personal approach, which was performed seven years ago. So far we have had nothing but good luck on board, so I'm calling it a success. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Remove every trace of the old name. This included keychains, hull logos, liferings, sailbag tags, and anything else that had the old name on it. I also removed all but one reference to the former owner's name. (I would've preferred to remove all references to the owner's name, but one was varnished over.)

  2. Perform a ceremony. I'm not usually prone to rituals, so I customized this ceremony to fit my own personal superstitions, based very loosely on some suggested text I found online. And I performed it in a whisper, down below where no one could hear me, because I was slightly embarrassed about the whole thing. But I did it.

  3. Make a sacrifice. I used a tot of rum; I don't think the specific type matters, but make sure you toss Neptune some sort of libation.

  4. Add the new name ASAP. To me, the most god-tempting offense would be to leave a boat nameless, so make sure to re-christen the boat as soon as possible. This must include adding the name to the hull, as a bare minimum.

(Hopefully writing this all down will not jinx me, seven years later.)

And if you think this sounds complicated, consider the French. They believe that you can only give a boat a new name on August 15, after scrupulously following a rigorous ritual and receiving the blessings of a priest. Read more on SnipeToday. (Warning: This French superstition may or may not apply to powerboats.)

Have a name change you're contemplating, or one you've successfully completed? Let us know about it in the comments below.