Question: My new cruising sailboat has what I feel is a rather interesting battery mounting arrangement. Hopefully you can make my fears go away.

With these sealed batteries, nylon hold-down straps should be fine.

With these sealed batteries, nylon hold-down straps should be fine.

You can see in the photo that the batteries are held in place with some orange fabric webbing straps. If you look carefully in the upper right corner you can also see a silver metal “reel” that the webbing is wrapped around. The reel even has a screw mechanism that allows me to tighten the straps when they stretch and get a bit loose. My question is, will these straps hold up with exposure to corrosive battery vapors that may accumulate in the compartment?

Answer: First, congratulations on the new boat.

As for your battery hold down straps, I wouldn’t worry for a minute. The batteries you have installed are the “SVR” type. This acronym stands for “sealed valve-regulated” and in fact the only time corrosive vapors would ever be likely to enter your battery compartment is if there were a problem with either your boat’s alternator voltage regulator or your shore power-supplied battery charger. As long as those two pieces of equipment are in good working order and calibrated correctly, there won’t be any corrosive gasses present. Even in the presence of battery vapors, in my experience these straps will still hold up quite well. I wouldn’t waste another minute worrying about it. From what I can see, your batteries are going to stay safe and secure.