Spend enough time on the water and you’ll see lots of weird stuff like this, um, tow boat helping out someone experiencing a break down, which we saw the other day. Check this out:

tow boat break down barge weird

Not your average tow boat...

No, this is NOT your average tow boat. I’m told by one of the guys on my boat that moments after snapping this shot, one of the fellas on the boat in distress flipped the bird at us. I guess he didn’t really want to capture the moment but sorry dude, this picture was just too good to pass up – how often do you get to see a glorified floating dock with an outboard in its center, yanking on a dead boat?! There’s a moral to this story – pay up on your towing insurance or you might end up in an embarrassing position – and it reminded me of a couple other weird but important things we’ e seen lately.

- A 20′ Nautico hit the road, literally, when the owner forgot to strap down the stern to the trailer. When he let out the truck’s clutch the boat slid back and its weight simply bent back the bow stop (where the safety chain was secured). It didn’t stop until the outboards were digging ditches in asphalt. Moral: ALWAYS strap down the stern. 

- A motor box (the whole thing) was floating around in the mouth of the West River. Back at the boat ramp, there was a 22′ stern-drive bow rider with – you guessed it – no motor box. The captain had lifted the motor box to listen to a “funny noise” the engine was making whenever the firewalled the throttles. But when he poured on the coals from a dead stop, the force simply ripped the hinges of the motor box out of the fiberglass deck and it tumbled right over the transom. Since he was in a hurry and he couldn’t figure out a good way to tie a rope to the motor box, the guy had simply abandoned it out on the water… where it bobbed around, waiting for someone to come along and hit it. Moral: never take off with the motor box tilted up. Second moral: some jacka**es simply shouldn’t be allowed to run boats.