I'm still poring over all of the new information I received while attending the Miami Boat Show several weeks ago. One thing that caught my eye on the electronics end is Fusion's new MS-RA200 marine stereo radio. It caught my attention because unlike many stereo radios installed on boats, this one has some truly marine useful features. The face of the unit is shown here:

What makes this radio so much better than most others? Well it takes care of multiple boat related issues. First of all it is IP rated to IP65, which means it'll withstand a direct hit with the hose when you're washing down the boat and it's impervious to dust. Beyond that, its got a high output with four channel 50W capability that'll keep the tunes coming over engine noise.

Perhaps more important though is that the radio can also receive marine VHF and weather broadcasts, so again, you can listen for important VHF broadcasts over the noise of the boat, a common complaint with a lot of us (not being able to hear important broadcasts while underway). The unit is SIRIUS satellite ready and is completely compatible with MP 3 tracks stored on a jump drive via its USB port. Its APPLE ready and can play all your iPod tunes via an optional MS-IPDock that is also waterproof. Even better, if you have an iPhone, the radio will automatically mute audio and play the phone's ring tone when you get an incoming call. It'll automatically go back to the tunes when you complete your call.

Does it have a CD player? Nope, and who needs one anyway now that MP-3 and iPods have taken over the world of music. The unit sells for $169.95 and will be available next month according to Fusion. I want one for my center console. This radio was made with my boat in mind!