Question: What are the best tools and crimp type electrical connectors for re-wiring my older boat? Mostly I’m working with wire gauge sizes in the 16 AWG to 10 AWG range. Any recommendations would be helpful. Everyone I ask seems to have a different opinion about this.


Ancor tools are readily available and compatible with Ancor crimp terminals.

Answer: For sure this one falls into the Ford v Chevy category: everyone has their favorites and will defend them to the end.

As long as the crimp connectors are compatible with the mandrel on the crimp tool you are using, you shouldn’t have any problems with the quality of the terminations. But therein lies the potential problem: it’s pretty tough to know how well the terminals you buy are going to match your crimper.

I made the choice some years ago to take a systemic approach to all of this. I buy readily available Ancor brand terminals and have a complete set of their wire working tools in my kit. The kit includes a cable cutter, wire stripper ratcheting crimper and butane fired heat gun for working with heat shrink tubing. This way I never have a mismatch and always end up with high quality crimped electrical connections.

Ancor tools and crimp connections are available at most major marine supply outlets, both brick and mortar and online.