Question: I’ve just installed a new pod for my chart-plotter display that hangs below the cockpit table on my cruising sailboat.What’s the best way to protect (and hide) all the ugly wiring and cables that supply power and data to the display unit? I’m afraid someone will accidentally kick the wiring when the crew is sitting around the table.


Flexible hose will protect the wires from this chart plotter display pod. A hose clamp at either end would be even better.

Good question. Besides being a potential risk for chafe and accidental kicking as you suggest, these wiring harnesses are indeed a bit unsightly.

The best way I’ve seen to tidy up the whole installation is shown in the photo here. The end fittings and very flexible hose are readily available at marine supply houses. About the only thing I might consider to improve the installation shown is to add all-stainless steel hose clamps of the correct size at either end, to make sure the hose doesn’t inadvertently slip off the end fittings.