We know Boats.com may not be your first thought for holiday shopping, especially since the Gear and Parts Store launched just a few weeks ago. So we thought we'd select our own top ten picks to spark your imagination. And remember, shipping is free on all orders over $75.

Wakeboard trick

Wakeboards are up to 25 percent off at the Gear and Parts Store.

1. GPS
You’ll find something in every price range in this section, from chartplotters to 12-volt adapter cords and cases. GPS technology has come a long way in the past few years, and prices might be less than you’d expect.

2. Sunglasses
What better way to improve your loved one’s boating experience than by reducing the glare? From Costa del Mar to Dorado and Ocean Wave, there’s something for every shopper and face. There’s even a neoprene strap that might make this pair stick around a little longer.

3. Tackle Storage
With lots of dedicated compartments, these tackle boxes can even be used by non-fishermen.

4. GoPro Hero video camera
These portable video cameras can be mounted or worn, and they’re waterproof to almost 200 feet. Get footage of your next tow session, or just record a lazy boating afternoon to get you through the off-season.

waterproof phone cases5. Waterproof phone cases
Here’s a collection of cases that will make your smart phone love being on the boat as much as that waterproof GoPro. There’s even a waterproof iPad case, and right now the second is half price.

6. Suitcase dish rack
This foldup dishrack expands to hold plates, flatware, and cups and glasses. It will stow anywhere, even in a small galley.

Hot dog tow toy7. Tow toys
Here’s everything you need for a day of watersports fun: tow ropes, tubes, noodles—even a hot dog! Bonus Tip: you can also find a selection of kayaks and small boats, as well as my personal favorite: Stand Up Paddleboards.

8. Boat Clothing
Whether it’s fair weather or foul, here are some great clothing options, including a range of boat-themed T-shirts. Lenny Rudow, you need one of these “Fish or Die” shirts.

wineglass9. Unbreakable wine glasses
These look as nice as glass, but they’re polycarbonate—and the lifetime warranty on breakage makes them perfect for the boat.

10. Boat covers
Here’s a wide range of covers to protect your favorite boat from the weather: exact fit, general fit, and even custom canvas. Exact fit covers are currently 40 percent off.

Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, check out the fall sale page. While you’re dreaming of summer, you might just find the perfect holiday gift.

Carol Cronin