Deadliest Catch captain Sig Hansen, of the Northwestern, is one of the most well-known mariners on the sea. Wouldn't it be cool to sit down and gab with the guy for a while? You bet—so we were excited when the opportunity arose to meet Captain Sig at a Coast Guard Tribute Dinner last year. You can find out what he said that evening here. Since then, Hansen’s been trotting the globe speaking to audiences and interviewers about his experiences. Spend thirty seconds with this guy, and you’ll hear gems like these:

Captain Hansen issues his standard orders.

Captain Hansen issues his standard orders.

“When you’re at sea, you’re with five guys and they’re animals. You treat them like animals, you become an animal.” – Interview with Australia’s Nine to Five, prior to a trip to Sydney.

“My wife and I were in Vegas and when this lady saw me, and she fainted right on the floor. I thought that was pretty cool.” – Discussing his new-found fame with Conan O’Brian, last May.

“O.K. everybody. I’m officially drunk tweting. Told. Not to do it but I’m doing it.” – Via Twitter, in his fifth tweet ever.

“Every boat’s different, and you have to know how that boat feels in the water. You have different tanks down, more fuel or less fuel, and she reacts differently. It takes a lot of experience.” – From Sig’s interview with Jon Stewart, of The Daily Show.

“You’re only as good as your last season.” Discovery Channel interview, 2011.

“We were in survival mode. It’s blowing 50, 60, 70, and the wind chill factor is down to 50 below, every bit of water, all the spray that hits the boat, it ices up. So we were just trying to break the ice off the boat to keep it afloat. It was tough.” – Describing the 2010 season to Jay Leno.

“You don’t have to be big to be bad, you just have to be young and dumb.” – At Catchcon 2011, the annual Deadliest Catch fan festival.

“We were drawing pictures of boats before we could write. We didn’t want to go to school. We wanted to get the hell out of there and go fishing.” – Describing his childhood, on Cabela’s Lone Star Outdoors radio show.

”I enjoy the first few days of a trip the most, because I don’t have to answer the film crew’s questions—since they’re usually seasick.”- From the Coast Guard Foundation dinner.