On the Water

  1. On the Water / Entertainment

    Outerlimits Delivers Two Stunners

    Matt Trulio
    Sep 12, 2016

    North and south of the border, a couple of new fast V-bottoms are lighting up the water. …Read More

  2. On the Water / Fishing

    How to Fish: Tips for Chunking for Tuna

    Lenny Rudow
    Sep 6, 2016

    Are you ready to head offshore in search of yellowfin tuna? These tips and tricks will help you chunk ‘em up. …Read More

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  4. On the Water / Fishing

    Three Crazy Fishing Lures of 2016

    Lenny Rudow
    Sep 2, 2016

    The 3D Suicide Duck, Flippy-Floppy, and an aerial attack—can these things really fool the fish? …Read More

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  7. On the Water / News & Events

    Bayliner Boats Buys Wakesurfing Brand

    Lenny Rudow
    Aug 31, 2016

    Bayliner announced it’s acquired the Heyday WT-1 and WT-2 wakesurfing boats, designed by Ben and John Dorton of Bryant Fame. …Read More

  8. On the Water / Resources

    Motorboat Terms: Different Powerboat Types, Uses, and Definitions

    Gary Reich
    Aug 29, 2016

    There are many different kinds of motorboats, each with their own specific traits and designs. Learn all about powerboats right here. …Read More

  9. On the Water / Fishing

    How to Fish: When They’re Breaking Water

    Lenny Rudow
    Aug 23, 2016

    Finding fish that are breaking water is a stroke of luck, and these tips and tactics will help you take full advantage of it. …Read More

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  11. On the Water / News & Events

    2016 Olympic Sailing Games Deliver USA Bronze and Future Promise

    John Burnham
    Aug 20, 2016

    Team USA earned one medal in 10 events in Rio but improved both its medal count and its overall performance, which bears promise for the future. …Read More

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  13. On the Water / Watersports

    What’s New At Nautique Boats: Features Galore

    Brett Becker
    Aug 19, 2016

    No new models in the Nautique Boats pipeline, but it’s offering a host of new features for 2017. …Read More

  14. On the Water / Resources

    Boating Tips: 3 Stupid Things You Should Never Do on a Boat

    Lenny Rudow
    Aug 16, 2016

    No captain is perfect, but lots of boaters make these three stupid mistakes on a regular basis. …Read More

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