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  1. On the Water / Resources

    What is a Daysailer?

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Sep 12, 2017

    Beyond the strict definition, a daysailer is a sailboat that’s defined by fun! …Read More

  2. On the Water / Resources

    Post-Hurricane Boat Salvage Tips

    Sep 12, 2017

    After the mega-storm and latest Nor'easter, many of us are in the same boat when it comes to engine damage. …Read More

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  4. On the Water / News & Events

    Hurricane Preparation for Boaters

    Doug Logan
    Sep 7, 2017

    Organize your thinking, gather your gear, and have your plan in place. If you have to act, act decisively, and give yourself time to help your neighbors on the water: Their preparedness will have a direct impact on your own success in avoiding damage. …Read More

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  7. On the Water / News & Events

    Fall Boat Show Preview: Newport, Norwalk, and Annapolis

    Lenny Rudow
    Sep 6, 2017

    The fall boat shows kick off with Newport, Norwalk, and Annapolis, providing boaters with lots of boat-shopping opportunities. …Read More

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  9. On the Water / News & Events

    The Outboard Expert: Suzuki Engine Oil

    Charles Plueddeman
    Aug 28, 2017

    The new ECSTAR V7000 marine engine oil is designed specifically for Suzuki outboards. …Read More

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  11. On the Water / Entertainment

    How to Party on a Boat

    Kim Koditek
    Aug 25, 2017

    Get ready for your weekend blowout by turning your boat into a party machine. …Read More

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