I’ve tested and reviewed virtually every Grady White boat in their line up including their dual console series, and have found them to be among the best production fishing boats built, period, so I was psyched to learn about the new Freedom 255. Grady has had DC’s ranging from 19′ to 27′ but there was a big jump in the line-up, from the Tournament 225 to the Tournament 275. The 255 fills in this gap.

I hate writing about boats I haven’t physically sea trialed and crawled over and normally, I wouldn’t do it. But my confidence level in this company is such that, while cautioning you that I haven’t yet physically inspected a Freedom 255, I have no doubts in its quality. That said, here’s the scoop: the 255 is 24′9″ long and 8′6″ wide, weighs in at 4,375 pounds, and can take up to 350 horses on the transom. Following the DC family-friendly concept, it’s a multi-purpose platform with features for both fishing (gunwale-mounted rodholders, a 175-qt. fishbox, fresh and raw water washdowns, and an optional 26-gallon livewell) and general family water play (an enclosed port-side console head, sleeper seating, and optional wet bar and electric grill).

Hull design is Grady-White’s standard Sea V2 vairable degree deadrise, and the deck has Grady-White’s standard self-bailing, overboard-draining design. Fishers looking for a boat that can handle fairly big waters, fish competantly, and please multi-use owners will find it attractive, for sure. Without riding and inspecting one I can’t tell you about any down-sides I might discover, but if history serves as a guide the negative comments will be limited to one: price. Gradys are commonly among the most expensive boats in their class. On the other hand, they also retain their resale value better then just about any production-built boat on the water, so in the long run owners usually get their investment back out of the boat. Get Grady’s take on the matter, at www.gradywhite.com.

Grady White Freedom 255 dual boat

The Grady White Freedom 255, a new dual console multi use boat for the 2011 model year