charter yacht MondangoAnyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I have been inundated all summer with news of discount offers from charter yachts worldwide. Even the most serious motoryachts in the Western Mediterranean have been dropping their weekly base rates by 15 percent to 40 percent. The fact that yacht charter is currently a buyer's market is apparent. The only question has been just how low the discounts will go.

It is still too early to say whether such deep discounts will be offered en masse during the upcoming Caribbean season, as only a few early offers have come to my attention thus far. They include price breaks aboard the 115-foot Crescent motoryacht Kapalua and the 254-foot motoryacht Samar. Those discounts have followed the traditional pattern seen this summer, with either a straight percentage discount or an extra day onboard for free.

Which is why I am so intrigued to receive a new announcement from management house Edmiston and Company regarding the 169-foot Alloy sailing yacht Mondango (that's Mondango's main salon in the photograph at right). The yacht's owner, instead of offering a traditional discount this winter in the Caribbean, has instead decided to include the crew's gratuities in the yacht's lowest weekly base rate of €185,000.

Since clients regularly tip charter yacht crew anywhere from 5 percent to 15 percent of the yacht's base rate, this offer amounts to a savings for the charter client of €9,250 to €27,750.

Could this be the first in what will become a new trend in charter yacht discount offers? I'm certainly staying tuned. I can see why yacht owners and management companies would prefer this type of discount, for sure: It helps to retain the value of the yacht's regular base rate for when the global recession ends.

And on that same topic of discounts, if you're interested in learning more about how to negotiate a great deal in the current economic climate, then check out my article in the new edition of Yachting magazine. It includes, among other things, charter yacht managers talking pointedly about what kinds of offers they are most likely to seriously consider for the yachts under their control.