When we think of megayachts, also called superyachts, we think powerful and modern. Adela is both, but thanks to her hundred year old history and her white canvas, she's quite different from the norm. 182 feet long after a bowsprit was added during an extensive refit, this boat dates back to 1903.

Adela under sail bow shot

Her hull dates back to 1903, but Adela has modern rigging, sails, and electronics—and a nimble race crew.

But she's got all the modern bells and whistles. Here's what reviewer Louay Habib has to say:

"Designed in the spirit of tradition but bristling with the latest sail, rigging and marine electronics, sailing on Adela is a quite an experience. On top of all that technology, the crew are amazing to watch. Adela at full pelt is a very dangerous environment and the crew have to be incredibly precise as well as bold as brass."

Read the full story on YachtWorld about this remarkable boat, which includes a lot of great photos.

Unfortunately she's not available for charter, so the only way to get aboard is as a friend of the owner... or as a stowaway.