Our 2013 European boat show tour provided a lot of unexpected surprises: finding a relatively affordable one-man submarine, a hovercraft designed for kids, and the world's most powerful production PWC, to name a few.

But one of the best finds wasn't a thing at all: it was Alice the Info Girl. We discovered Alice zooming around the show on a pair of roller-blades, equipped with a big sign that said "Information, Stop and Ask" and a FRS radio. She was also armed with a vast array of knowledge: how to get around the show, directions to different displays, and tips on numerous attractions. And if she didn't know the answer to your questions right off the top of her head, she'd call and find out.

Now, she wasn't the only info-helper skating around the show. In fact, there was a troop of them blasting this way and that, helpfully answering questions from show-goers. And they all had one thing in common, which explains why they were so good on roller-blades. For the other info-bladers, this common thread wouldn't raise an eyebrow. But when it came to Alice... well, we'll let her explain for herself.

Info at Southampton Boat Show

Lenny Rudow meets Alice the Info Girl at the Southampton Boat Show.