charter yacht Berzinc main saloonBack in March, I told you about what I see as an emerging trend in charter yacht pricing. Many owners don't want to outright discount the weekly charter rates for their yachts and thus affect long-term value, so instead they are beginning to offer stepped discounts wherein you might pay full price (or close to full price) for the first week of charter, but then receive a substantial discount on additional weeks of charter.

The latest example of this trend arrived in my in-box this morning from management company Ocean Independence. The offer is for the 140-foot Astilleros de Mallorca motoryacht Berzinc, whose owner is promising discounts of up to 60 percent (that is not a typo) for multi-week charters that are booked before the end of May with travel dates this summer in the Mediterranean.

The lowest advertised weekly base rate for 12 guests aboard Berzinc is currently €75,000. With the new offer, you can save 12.5 percent on that rate if you book seven to 10 days; save a further 40 percent on days 11 through 14; save a further 50 percent on days 15 to 21; and save a further 60 percent on days 22 to 31.

If I've done that math correctly (and I implore you to double check me), the combined discounts mean that instead of paying a base rate of €300,000 for a month-long Mediterranean charter this summer, you would instead pay about €200,000, or an overall discount of close to 35 percent.

That's significant no matter how you break it down, especially since the offer is being promoted at a time when we are already into the earliest weeks of the summer charter season.

Any reputable charter broker can help you take advantage of this newly announced rate break aboard the charter yacht Berzinc.