When the finish whistle blew for the last time, Antigua Sailing week was officially over, the sailing part that is (not to be confused with the party part). There will be no more starts to calculate, no more halyards to haul, no more decks to scramble across, no more take down lines and their attached spinnakers to gather. No more of the daily life aboard Northern Child as lived for the past eight days. I will miss it.

Northern Child enjoying the breeze at Antigua Sailing Week. Photo: Tobias Stoerkle

The final day was another one of very light winds. There were times I didn’t think we would get a race in. When I saw a train wreck at the starting line with ten boats nearly colliding because no one had much steerage, I thought that’s it. But the Antiguan breeze did fill in enough to make a go of it and so we did.

This was my first ASW so I can’t compare it to any before, but it seemed just perfect, I can’t think of anything of substance I would change. So I asked some fellow sailors for their observations.

Ashley Pereira of Toronto (another first timer at ASW) said “It was a brilliant week... I’d come back in a heartbeat, can’t say enough about the hospitality of the Antiguans and the other sailors!”

Alison Sly-Adams, the head of marketing, sponsorship and shoreside organization for ASW, said “It has been a fantastic week. This year our new event was the RS Elite Nonsuch Bay Challenge on lay day at Pigeon Beach. Seeing the camaraderie and competition up close with small boats and hot skippers gave spectators a small window into the exciting world of sailing.”

Captain Christian Reynolds of Northern Child was equally pleased. “Even though the conditions did not favor us I think this was a fantastic regatta and I am very proud of how this crew came together and sailed the races so well. We had a very diverse group, which I like, yet the shipboard camaraderie surpassed all differences.”

Tonight at Nelson’s Dockyard, the awards for the week will be presented. The party begins right after and may not stop till morning.

Put Antigua Sailing Week on your bucket list; it belongs there. And check the website for the full results.

—Jonathan Russo

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