The Experts corporate charterLast month, a longtime charter client at The Sacks Group Yachting Professionals chartered the 112-foot Westport motoryacht Milk Money during Super Bowl XLIV in Miami, Florida. This week, the company released an unusually detailed description of the charter itself, offering a noteworthy window into how a corporate charter can be organized.

The client was Thomas E. Hoshko, who is the CEO and president of The Experts, Inc., a company that specializes in information technology, telecommunications, and more.  Hoshko's primary goal for the charter was to provide corporate hospitality for his firm's top clients and workers, all with the Super Bowl as a backdrop.

The Sacks Group worked with Milk Money's crew to organize an itinerary that based the yacht at the Diplomat Resort on the Intracoastal Waterway, close to shopping, restaurants, and parties in South Beach. On the dock next to Milk Money, a "Blast Bar" was set up Friday night (see the photograph above with The Experts Vice President Tim McLean) so that guests could enjoy the party even if it overflowed from the yacht.

On Saturday, the group used Milk Money's water toys, including a 26-foot Regulator fishing boat, before enjoying a barbecue created by the yacht's crew. On Sunday, guests could either attend the Super Bowl in person or watch on a large, plasma screen that Milk Money's crew positioned on the aft deck amid the party theme. "They did a Super Bowl cake and all that kind of stuff," Hoshko said. "It was perfect."

For the rest of the charter, Milk Money docked at Fisher Island, where the group held corporate meetings by day and returned to the yacht for gourmet meals at night.

This format is one among many that reputable charter brokers can help you create during a corporate yacht or event-based charter. This article will give you more ideas about corporate events, while this article might inspire you in the theme department.