201 Newport Best Charter Yacht Chef CompetitionThe Captain's Concierge sponsored the 2010 Best Charter Yacht Chef Competition late last month at the Newport Charter Show in New England. Ingredients were provided through the company's Farm to Yacht program, which aims to bring locally and responsibly grown food to boats. Sixteen different growers contributed nearly 40 ingredients from within 20 miles of Newport, including ground beef, oysters, sugar snap peas, goat cheese, and wine. (Farm to Yacht is an ecologically ambitious program that can be used to provision a yacht before any charter--ask a reputable charter broker for more details if you plan to charter in New England this summer.)

Eight charter yacht chefs competed in two categories: yachts longer than 100 feet and yachts smaller than 100 feet. The judging panel was composed exclusively of land-based chefs from Newport restaurants to avoid what The Captain's Concierge called "charter politics that govern the judging at other competitions."

The winners in the large-yacht class were:

First prize, Chef Peter Ziegelmeier of the 145-foot Palmer Johnson motoryacht Rena, who presented a Middle Eastern-style beef and vegetable puffi served alongside casino-style clams, oysters, and vegetables, all served atop curried vegetable slaw with a salad with curried wild berry vinaigrette.

Second prize, Chef Mary Sarah Vernon of the 123-foot Palmer Johnson sailing yachGalileo G, who presented a squash and beef napoleon, a puff-pastry cone filled with clams and oysters, and a mixed salad with vegetables, fruits, and cheeses.

Third prize, Chef Daniel Fourdain of the 116-foot Intermarine motoryacht Kipany, who presented baked oysters and clams with vegetables alongside a salad mix served in a parmesan tuile cup with a beurre sauce

The winners in the small-yacht class were:

First prize, Chef Meghan Jussaume of the 51-foot sailing catamaran Endless Pleasure, who presented a clam, oyster, and beef burger served open-faced on sweet bread and topped with bok choy, sunnyside egg, and pineapple teriyaki sauce. There was a side dish of mixed lettuce and roasted vegetables.

Second prize, Chef Ingrid Weise of the 60-foot sailing yacht Blue Whale, who presented a cool pasta salad with caramelized vegetables and clams, served with a honey-berry sauce. There was a side dish of oysters topped with goat cheese and herbs.

Third prize, Chef Bruce Scabb of the 46-foot sailing yacht Airelle, who presented a grilled kafta with grilled clams and oysters. There was a side dish of soba noodles topped with grilled vegetables, as well as a green salad with Mandarin-infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Congratulations to all the winners aboard these yachts, many of which still have availability for charter bookings this summer in New England. Any reputable charter broker can help you schedule a week aboard with these winning chefs.

If you would like to see more photos from the contest, including "action shots" of the chefs in their yacht galleys, check out The Captain's Concierge blog.