Halfway through the annual Boating Writers International awards presentation, contest chair Lindsey Johnson invited Lenny Rudow to stay up on "stage" permanently. When the final tally was complete, Lenny had collected six plaques, as well as one certificate of merit. And other boats.com writers were recognized as well.

Lenny Rudow BWI awards

Lenny Rudow shows off the awards he earned in Boating Writers International's annual writing contest.

"This contest gives us a chance to see how our stories are judged within the boating writers' community," said Editorial Director John Burnham, himself a certificate of merit winner for Tiara 50 Coupe: The Captain’s Boat. "It also shows our commitment to covering a wide range of boating topics."

The awards included:

Congratulations to all the winners! For more information, visit Boating Writers' International.