Boys are different. So it's hardly surprising the boats they like are different too.

I have to admit, the collection Alex Smith put together  (read Affordable Fun: Five Brilliant "Boy Racer" Boats) doesn't really appeal to me personally. But trusting his instincts (and our traffic reports from the original story), I'm passing this along anyway.

Phantom 16 runabout going fast

Designed as a runabout, the Phantom 16 performed so well, that her builder, Steve Baker, started to race her.

What's a boy-racer boat, you ask? Well, according to Alex, it is a boat with "two very simple things:

  1. Helming dynamics that will get you grinning every time you take the wheel, and

  2. A price, size and weight that a young man on a limited budget might realistically afford."

His list of five includes a small jetboat, a pair of RIBs, a PWC, and (least surprisingly), the Phantom 16 pictured above.  As Alex points out, enjoyment of this sort of boat requires one to "ignore sensible considerations like storage, seating, cup holders, dining stations..." It also requires you "to indulge yourself in some brilliantly affordable fun…"

So if that sounds like your kind of boating, read on. The full story, Affordable Fun: Five Brilliant "Boy-Racer" Boats, can be found on

And if you have a boat that should be included on the boy-racer list, let us know in the comments below.