VISAR logoThe British Virgin Islands office of Horizon Yacht Charters just notified charter brokers that it is increasing the contribution it requests from charter guests from $1 per person to $2 per person, with proceeds continuing to benefit Virgin Islands Search and Rescue.

VISAR is a great organization, and I think two bucks per person is a small price to pay for the peace of mind VISAR offers anyone traveling on a boat in Virgin Islands waters.

Founded in 1988, VISAR is a wholly volunteer group whose mission statement could not be clearer: to save lives at sea. Its members have reportedly done that more than 40 times so far, in addition to helping more than 1,200 people in distress. In one recent case, VISAR responded to a call for help from a family whose son had become so badly sunburned that his feet blistered and went numb.

Obviously, I hope you never need the help of VISAR while on a charter yacht vacation in the British Virgin Islands. (And I remind you to wear sunscreen!) But it's sure nice to know the VISAR volunteers are out there in case of an emergency, with support from anyone who books a boat through Horizon Yacht Charters.

If you'd like to donate to VISAR without booking a charter, or while booking through another reputable charter broker, go to this page on the VISAR website. It gives you options for donating as little or as much money as you would like, and provides a wish list of items such as flares and life jackets that VISAR says it needs to continue saving lives at sea.