charter yacht ContessaThis just in from the Northrop and Johnson affiliate office on Tortola: The 56-foot sailing yacht Contessa is making its "inclusive" rate even more inclusive for charters this summer in the British Virgin Islands.

Contessa, which has three guest cabins, is promoting a "just for two" charter at a weekly rate of $7,700. That rate includes the yacht, crew, food, and ship's bar (which are typically part of inclusive rates in this part of the world) as well as atypical extras such as airport transfers, cruising taxes, a national parks permit, an arrival with flowers, chocolates, and champagne, and a beach picnic.

In addition, Contessa is letting couples who book at that rate choose a $150 credit toward dinner ashore and a restaurant of the client's choice, toward a couple's massage at a local spa, or toward a private scuba dive with a rendezvous company.

Contessa is a 1980 build run by Capt. Richard Hannah, who is Canadian, and chef Denise Morancie, who is Dominican. They have offered charters in the islands for several years, before which Morancie gave guided eco-tours in the Caribbean. (Now there's a background you won't find on many charter yachts!)

Any reputable charter broker can help you take advantage of the inclusive rate for two with all the newly announced extras.


Editor's Note: Northrop and Johnson is a sponsor of CharterWave, where this blog originates.