Digital chartography is an incredible help to modern anglers, and C Map has expanded its fishing map coverage for 2010. Max and NT+ chartography for this year also includes thousands of updates. Yeah, yeah, we know: they’ll boost your safety margin as you navigate. But of more interest to the scale and slime club is the fact that you’ll know how those sandbars shift and where those new channels have been cut through.

Over 2,400 new nav photos have been added to the database, and these can also prove a lot more useful then you’d think when it comes to catching fish. The aerial views of inlet jetties, for example, can expose irregularities, niches, and outcroppings that create rips in the current and eddiesfor fish to hide in. Aerials of shoals are also helpful, when creating a game plan for fishing areas like the Montauk Rips or the mouth of the Delaware Bay.

Even freshwater anglers get a boost this year. Jeppesen’s MAX Lakes fishing maps now have an extended database, with 251 lakes spots added for Wisconsin and 73 added for Florida.

You don’t want to pay for a chart you already have? Of course not – who would? So Jeppesen is taking trade-ins, for a price break. You can also join “Club Jeppesen Marine,” which entitles you to one free automatic chart update each year, sent when and where you specify. (And joining the club actually costs less then an update.)

We know you’ve seen plenty of these before, but what fun would a blog be without pictures? Not much – so here’s a screen shot from one of the new 2010 charts – enjoy!

The new 2010 C Map charts are out.

The new 2010 C Map charts are out.