SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Manufacturers that equip their boats with 2003 model year (or later) gasoline stern drive or inboard gasoline engines must affix an environmental star label on the bow of the boat. This requirement is part of the California Air Resource Board SD/I rule approved in August 2001.

The rule also requires engine manufacturers to provide the labels to boat manufacturers, as well as place hang tags on the engines to provide information on their environmental benefits. Engine manufacturers may also be responsible for affixing a star label to the engine, though this possible requirement has not been finalized.

"Ultimately, the boat builder is solely responsible for the placement of the label on the vessel," said John McKnight, NMMA Director of Environmental and Safety Compliance. "When CARB assesses noncompliance penalties, which can reach as high as $500 per vessel, the boat builder will have to pay the

The engine label must be applied to the front port side of the boat in which the California Certified Engine is installed and should be positioned so that it will be at the leading or trailing edge of the state registration numbers.