Need extra supplies for your camping trip across the lake? No problem. Hauling cheese and wine to a friend's yacht across the bay? Easy peasy. Turning your limited-use personal watercraft into an all-purpose, stuff-hauling vehicle?

Child's play.

cargo wave

How many cheese trays do you think would fit in here?

At least, that's what the folks at Cargo Wave are hoping to provide — an easy-to-use, towable storage unit for your personal watercraft. The newest accessory to the market, Cargo Wave is essentially a large compartment you hook onto your PWC for added hauling/storage ability. The interior boasts 250 lbs. of storage capacity and can be towed at up to 50 mph under normal weather and water conditions.

According to the company's website:
We packed this Cargo Wave with a large 6-foot Super Screamer Tube, foot pump and tow line, a set of adult-size O'Brien skis and ski line, 2 swim noodles, flippers and swim mask, bocce ball set, Frisbees, football, ping pong paddles, 2 bag chairs, large tent, air mattress and pump, two sleeping bags and a large personal gear bag...and don't forget that large cooler full of whatever you want to fill it with! You will get everything you need or could want for that trip up river...camping on any lake, or just hanging out on that island for the day.

cargo wave

Need some extra space? This Cargo Wave could be the answer to any of your storage problems.

That's a lot of space!

The company also indicates that a Cargo Wave isn't limited to PWCs but could be hooked up to small boats or even some land vehicles as well — dog sled, anyone?

Tell us what you think. Is there a Cargo Wave in your future?