charter yacht CheSunreef Yachts, which just last month completed the 102-foot Ipharra as its new flagship for charter in the Mediterranean, now sends word that the biggest catamaran the company has ever built--the 114-foot Che--is in the water and on schedule to complete construction in time to enter the charter market this winter in the Caribbean.

Che will take no more than seven guests with four to five crew. I've been aboard catamarans half her size that take as many guests, which tells me that the level of spaciousness aboard Che should be downright outstanding.

A top speed of 20 knots is predicted, making her one of the fastest cats on the charter market, as well.

Any reputable charter broker can help you keep tabs on Che as construction is completed, or help you become one of the first clients to book a charter onboard this winter in the Caribbean.