Last September, we watched the Costa Concordia brought back to an upright position (read Salvage Successes: Costa Concordia and Astrid) and added a lip-smacking new word (parbuckling) to our vocabulary. The wreck was then stabilized for winter, and surveyed in detail to determine its actual condition.

Costa Concordia dockwise animation

This animation shows how Dockwise would remove the Costa Concordia from the Italian coastline.

The final phase will soon begin: the move to its final resting place. (The wreck is considered scrap, so according to Italian law, the Tuscan Regional Administration is responsible for its disposal.) But apparently "how" to move the 900 foot cruise ship is still somewhat up in the air.

The first choice, apparently, is rather traditional: Towing. The second choice involves the largest semi-submersible ship in the world, the Dockwise Vanguard. The company's animation shows how it would be achieved:

Boskalis Costa Concordia removal with Dockwise

We're standing by, ready to be wowed once again.

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