A duck boat sank in Liverpool, England last week, causing 31 people to either swim to safety or find rescue. Everyone aboard the vessel, including an infant, survived.

Duck boats, amphibious vehicles that typically give tours both on land and in water, are common in cities with rivers or lakes.

According to ITV:

A rescue operation - involving police, Duck Boatambulance, coastguard and the RAF - was mounted by the emergency services and 31 people were helped out of the water.

Of those, 17 people were taken to the Royal Liverpool Hospital for treatment, mostly for shock, but all were well enough to be discharged.

Nobody was trapped inside the vessel, the fire service said.

The duck boat is the second in three months to sink, causing Liverpool's mayor to call for a stop on taking the former WWII vessels into the water.

According to the article:
"It is absolutely a no-brainer after this accident that these boats don’t go back in the water at all. They can argue they’ve got safety certificates and had their checks, but for two to sink in the last three months, it’s just not good enough. ...they need to invest in new vehicles. These should be mothballed and put in a museum. This could have been a real disaster."

Would you be nervous about taking a duck boat ride anytime soon?