On the Water: Entertainment

  1. On the Water / Entertainment

    Outerlimits Delivers Two Stunners

    Matt Trulio
    Sep 12, 2016

    North and south of the border, a couple of new fast V-bottoms are lighting up the water. …Read More

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  3. On the Water / Entertainment

    Boat-Gating for Football Fans

    Kim Kavin
    Aug 15, 2016

    You can get to these football stadiums by boat, and make this season better than before. …Read More

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  6. On the Water / Entertainment

    The 10 Best Beaches for Boaters

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Aug 8, 2016

    These beautiful, unique beaches are 10 of the world’s best for visiting boaters. …Read More

  7. On the Water / Entertainment

    Two Fountains Repowered For Speed

    Matt Trulio
    Jul 20, 2016

    Mercury Racing power brings new high-speed lives to a couple of beefy Fountain Lightnings …Read More

  8. On the Water / Entertainment

    Baja and Donzi: Back at the Dance

    Matt Trulio
    Jul 15, 2016

    With new models being built under new ownership, two iconic go-fast boat brands are poised to put the throttle down. …Read More

  9. On the Water / Entertainment

    Two New Go-Fast V-Bottoms Under 30 Feet

    Matt Trulio
    Jul 7, 2016

    Inboard or outboard, single-engine V-bottom options are slowly improving for performance-minded buyers on a budget. …Read More

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  11. On the Water / Entertainment

    Fire on High: Celebrating the Fourth of July by Boat

    Gary Reich
    Jun 27, 2016

    Watch the Fourth of July fireworks displays while you’re floating on your boat. …Read More

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  13. On the Water / Entertainment

    5 Extreme Boating Adventures

    Lenny Rudow
    Jun 9, 2016

    Get an aquatic adrenaline jolt with one of these summer boating adventures. …Read More

  14. On the Water / Entertainment

    Top 5 Reasons to Go Boating

    Carol Cronin
    Jun 8, 2016

    "Boating" might mean something different for you than it does for me, but here are 5 universal reasons we all do it. …Read More

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