I got an interesting e-mail yesterday which is worth sharing, about a web site that you can use to search for the lowest marina fuel prices in your area. So I went there, and checked it out.

The site is www.marinefuel.com, and when you go there, you’ll find a search engine that pings marinas (you can do it by marina name, zip codes, or state) and tells you their current fuel price. Well, almost current; I went to Ventnor Marina, on Bodkin Creek, and the last update was on 2/18/10. That’s less then a month old – not bad info. Gas came up at $3.16 a gallon. Then I found out it was $3.32 at Clark’s Landing, on 2/12/10. If I were cruising from Ventnor to Clark’s and I had half a tank of fuel, this is surely info I’d like to have before pulling away from Ventnor’s fuel docks.

I also saw a lot of dated info, which hadn’t been updated since October of ‘09. In all fairness, though, let’s remember that most of the marinas around here have been closed down since then; in the boating season, the info should be a lot more current. One other knock: the web page jumped around as I moved the cursor, which was a bit aggravating at times, and it took a long time to load.

Like they say on TV: But wait! There’s more! The site also has a “research” section with articles on addatives, maintenance, and other fuel-related issues; there’s a “Green Captain” section on environmental matters; and a Marina section that has gobs of helpful info about specific marinas. So check this one out when you get a chance – it’s good info for all!