If you've ever looked at the interactive map of MPAs (marine protected areas) created by the feds, then you already know it’s as clear as mud. I hate to constantly knock on the federal government (okay, actually I enjoy it - who doesn't?) but they really missed the mark with this one. I tried to figure out if there were any MPA areas near me, and discovered that as far as I could tell, I was no longer allowed to go fishing in the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, or for that matter, anywhere else between Maine and Florida. Fortunately, what the government does poorly, independent businesses often do well. Enter: FishAlerts, an app that lets you see your exact position and the position of MPAs, on your phone or tablet. Let’s check out how it works.

You can see that the app makes it easy to see exactly what restrictions you may or may not be under, when fishing in any given location. As we mentioned in our Summer Marine Electronics Update: New for Navigation and Nautical Know-How this app is now available for both iOS and Android operating systems. It also includes some handy fishing data, like tides and currents and weather data. Plus it works with the whole social media thing, giving you a quick way to snap off a fish pic, and zip it over to Facebook and Twitter. And just for the record, yes—you can still fish in the Chesapeake and the open Atlantic, from Maine clear on down to Florida.

For more information, visit FishAlerts.