Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to toad fish, no one can question this creature's candidacy for the title of world's ugliest fish. I mean, c'mon - just look at that thing!

toad fish

The toad fish, also known as oyster toads, toadies, and just plain toads, is not exactly soothing to look at.

When it comes to catching the world's ugliest fish, all you need is a chunk of cut bait (virtually anything will work), and a weighted rig that will sit dead on the bottom, which is where you'll find these critters. But, why would anyone want to catch a toad fish in the first place? Most people don't - they usually complain upon reeling a toad to the surface, and many kill it then toss it overboard, since they consider it to be a "trash" fish. Setting aside the fact that they have a right to live no matter how butt-ugly they may be, I really wish people would stop doing this with toads. Because contrary to popular belief, they're edible. In fact, they taste great.

The same can be said of other uber-ugly fish, like snakeheads, for example. (Read Snakeheads: From Bounty Hunting to Fine Dining). And of some weird-o's like the common puffer fish. Need we even mention eels? All of these species often get maligned and even murdered, even though they're prime table fare. So the next time you catch what you think has got to be the world's ugliest fish, don't kill it - unless you plan on filleting it, too.