When we go fishing, sometimes it's easy to forget that the critters on the end of our lines are fighting for their lives. They will leap, slash, snap, and do anything else within their power to hurt you. The bigger the fish is, the more dangerous this can be. Case in point: Take a look at this video of a 350-pound marlin jumping into the cockpit of a sportfishing boat.

Now, if I had been in that marlin's place, I would have done the exact same thing - with better aim. The next time you go fishing, remember that while it's all fun and games for you and I, the fish are looking at it from a different perspective. Here are a few other fish that are out to maim you, and the videos that prove it.

Tarpon -  The guy in this video deserves exactly what he got, and then some. You just don't tease a fish that big and expect to walk away unscathed.

Shark - This one's about as obvious as it gets, folks.

Monkfish - The guy in this video is surprisingly calm, considering he has a prehistoric-looking sea creature latched onto his wrist - and his hand is down its gullet.

Puffer Fish - I know most folks don't think of these things as dangerous, but if you've ever stared into the maw of a puffer, you know they have a set of buck teeth that can do some serious damage. The guy in this video got bit by a little on, and you can see his reaction. If a one-pound puffer wraps his jaws around your skin, he's going to do some unexpected damage.