I hate newsy blogs but when I heard about Cousins Tackle, a new company producing American-built rods and lures, the news was too big to ignore. Why, you ask? Because this company’s principals, Wade Cunningham and Bill Buchanan (yes, they are in fact cousins), are huge in the fishing tackle industry. In fact, they've played a role with Sage, Seeker, Fenwick, Sevenstrand, Berkeley, Spiderwire, Stren, Abu Garcia, Abel, and Shikari. Whew!

cousins fishing rod

Here's an example of what we can expect from Cousins Tackle.

The cousins say they’ll have a full line of graphite, graphite composite, and fiberglass fishing rods in the shops of independent tackle dealers by the end of the summer, ranging from freshwater bass rods to offshore big-game rods. Now, are you ready for the real shocker? Everything the company produces will be made in Huntington Beach, CA—forget about peeling off all those “Made in Taiwan” stickers—and will be sold in individual tackle stores, not the big-box stores we’d all like to avoid. So in more than one way, Cousins Tackle will be good for the good ol’ US of A.

They’ll also be producing a selection of trolling lures at the Huntington Beach Facility, and when I got a gander at ‘em, they made my mouth water.

cousins fishing tackle skirts

Yummy! If a skirt like this went by me at six knots, I'd bite.

I’m betting the same is true for you. Stay tuned, folks. Soon as we have a chance we’ll put some of that new gear through its paces, and report back to you. In the meantime, for more information visit Cousins Tackle.